Twisting Disco…
For your Head, Heart & Soul!

A unique and truly exceptional experience encapsulating the sophistication of classically trained musicians, Industry
leading DJ’s, singers and dancers all perfectly choreographed to the global sensation that is Disco!

Disco Classical is the perfect combination of past, present and future global anthems reinvented and remastered
with our classical but modern twist. Featuring exceptional live performances by world class musicians, industry
leading Singers and DJ’s.

Our shows are orchestrated to excite the senses, drive the imagination, and create the perfect multi-generational
experience with a combination of legendary tracks, reworked to give these wonderful classics our contemporary

Disco Classical has a massively wide appeal to all generations with its uplifting entertaining live performances which
celebrates the good times, hit after hit!

The phenomenal ‘Disco Classical’ comprises of three distinct shows

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Disco Classical is selectively featuring in premier venues across the globe!

Whichever Disco Classical event you choose you are guaranteed to want to experience it over and over again.