‘Festival’ The Full Orchestral show

Heralded as one of the most memorable and uplifting live experiences, this is the feel-good concert of the decade! Lovers of Disco are in for a unique experience when a collection of the world’s greatest tracks are reimagined and reinvented then performed by our full classical orchestra, awesome band, sensational singers and industry leading DJ’s all accompanied by our dancers.

Disco Classical brings together the most explosive collaboration of remastered Disco tracks, featuring live on-stage leading vocalists and a full legendary 35-piece orchestra who know how to push the boundaries in classical music. They will perform the most loved Disco hits accompanied by choreographed dancers, a choir, band & renowned crowd-pleaser DJ’s from a live orchestral score arranged by Music Director and Conductor Tim Crooks.

The set includes:
35 + Classical Orchestra
Sensational Singers & Choir
Industry leading DJs
Awesome Band
Energetic choreographed professional dancers.
Disco anthems with our unique classical twist

“Orchestrated to excite the senses, drive the imagination, and create the perfect multi-generational experience”

Headlined@ - Blenheim Palace – Liverpool international Music Festival – Henley Festival


    Performances Perfected!

    Disco Classical has mass appeal for every generation with its uplifting, exhilarating live performances celebrating the good times, hit after hit!

    Ultimately adaptable with the ability to perform any show for any occasion Disco Classical enables you to be part of this unique experience and truly feel the vibe.

    Whichever Disco Classical event you choose you are guaranteed to want to experience it over and over again.